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AVANTYA in Education is one of the most recognized consulting firms in the world of Education at an international level.

Among the assets that have positioned AVANTYA at the forefront of its field are experience, flexibility and the attitude of its team and partners.


-Quality of service.


AVANTYA in Education was founded in 1994 by a group of professionals from the world of education and consulting. We have extensive experience that is enriched day-to-day in project development, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the implementation of new technologies and the opening of new markets, both in the Americas and Europe.

In a world increasingly trending toward globalization, a requisite would appear to be business concentration and specialization, which obviously affects the education sector. AVANTYA’s partners come from this sector and have vast experience in this field, allowing us to manage operations no matter the size or nature of the company.

This positions us as pioneers in the operations described below and allows us to maintain close contact with other educational and financial companies worldwide.


To support our clients in their business development, seeking sustained growth and longevity in the market, providing consulting, M&A, financing and training services with a top-tier team, always committed to serve.


To be a leading consulting, M&A and financial structuring firm with international presence in Europe and the Americas, developing business strategies that further growth at all times.


In this area we work with buy and sell mandates, prepare economic information reports, perform research and development projects and company valuations. We also provide sellers or buyers, both within the industry as well as general investors.

We always aim to bridge the gap between institutions, even performing feasibility studies before the operation along with future forecasts. We conduct mergers between companies that may be complementary, as well as joint ventures between institutions for specific ends.


We help our clients to obtain financial resources for the projects of growth or restructuring of its educational institutions.


All the members of the AVANTYA team have been involved in the creation, development and management of educational institutions at an international level.

This allows Avantya to develop its consulting, advisory and management activities in all areas that define and distinguish an existing or newly created educational institution or center.

Management & Consulting Areas

  1. Marketing and communication
  2. Mgmt & Asset valuation
  3. Economic and financial mgmt
  4. Projects
  5. Training
  6. Strategic & educational mgmt

Marketing and communication

Sales & Marketing:

  • Marketing development plan, implementation and control.
  • Market & perception research.
  • Advisors of commercial activity.
  • Preparations of sales budget.


  • Development of the internal and external communications plan of the institution.
  • Media control and planning.
  • Press kits.
  • Internal and external public relations.
  • Corporate Identity development.


  • Creativity, art direction, design and production of advertising materials: brochures, posters, billboards, press, etc.
  • Design and production of corporate identities.
  • Webpage design and production.

Direct marketing management and control: mailings, telemarketing, etc.


In this area, we are primarily dedicated to performing the necessary analysis to arrive at a true valuation of the institution’s assets and operations.

Once said valuation is obtained and depending on the specifics of each case, we seek to maximize returns on analyzed assets.


a) Financial advisory:

  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Assets

b) Legal Advisory:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Payroll
  • Lease agreements

c) Management technology processes and economic and financial control.

d) Purchasing & Procurement Center.

e) Studies of feasibility and implementation for Educational Institutions.

f) Educational Institutions auditing and valuation.


  • Project management and implementation.
  • Educational organization and team management.
  • Teacher selection and their continuing training.
  • Selection and coaching of management team.

  • Management teams.
  • Executive-didactic teams.
  • Administrative and teaching personnel.
  • Strategic and educational management

    Education Proyects:

    • Management projects.
    • School Policy Documents.
    • Curricular Projects by stages.

    Organization & Corporate manuals.

    Institutional strategic projects.

    Quality management systems.

    Establishment and management of foundations.

    Bilingualism development and implementation.

    Implementation of digital curriculum

    English summer courses abroad.

    Student exchange programs with foreign institutions.

    Communication and information technology (Resources, Projects, Systems, Training…).


    1. Higher Education
      1. Apollo International
      2. Buckingham University
      3. CES
      4. CIS
      5. Ciudad de la Luz
      6. Florida International University
      7. Instituto de Empresa
      8. Laureate
      9. Madrid Business School
      10. UNIDEP
      11. University of Cambridge
      12. Universidad Camilo José Cela
      13. University of Houston
      14. University of Miami
      15. Whitney International
      16. ESERP Business School
      17. TRACOR
      18. TAI
      19. Fundación Ortega y Gasset
      20. Universidad de Nebrija
    2. Elementary, Middle & High School (K-12)
      1. Gems
      2. Grupo Sek
      3. ISP
      4. Laude
      5. Meritas
      6. Runnymede Colleage
      7. WCL
      8. YAGO SCHOOL
      9. Edelweiss School
      10. Internacional Aravaca
      11. Los Robles
      12. Humanitas Torrejón
    3. Language centers
      1. 8BELTS
      3. Instituto Cervantes
      4. WSE
      5. Angloamericano
      6. CISL
      7. Astex
      8. Enforex
      9. Sheffield Centre
      10. Vaughan Systems
      11. SC Language
    4. Large Corporations and Investment Funds
      1. Advent
      2. ISP
      4. N+1
      5. Pearson
      7. Sterling Capital Partners
      8. Sylvan
      9. Tadrees Holding
      10. University Ventures
      11. Alku
      12. Apollo International
      13. Dominion
      14. ONCE
      15. J.A. Jones
      16. Parthenon Group
      17. Terra
    BrasilChileChinaCosta RicaEUAEcuadorFranceHondurasItalyMexicoPanamaPeruSpainSwitzerlandUK


    Javier Arrechea Fuster

    Javier Arrechea, has served as president and owner of a number of International Educational businesses and institutions in Europe and Latin America, including the Yago Schools, Madrid Business School, FIESI, Wall Street Institute in Spain and Latin America, Edufon and Avantya in Education in Europe and Latin America.

    He has led acquisitions as a consultant for Sylvan Learning Systems , now Laureate Education Inc. since 1997 and Meritas International Inc. since 2004. He has participated and completed more than 900 MM USD in education transactions throughout his careers. He currently lives in Mexico and serves as a partner and director for the portfolio companies of Sterling Capital Partners.

    Javier holds a degree as a Civil Engineer from the Polytechnic University in Madrid and an executive MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona.

    Bernardo Lassala

    Founding partner of Avantya in Education (previously Lassala & Partners), with a degree in Mathematics from Universidad de Valencia and a General Management Program specialty from IESE Business School in Madrid.

    He has spent his entire career in the educational sector where he began teaching. Subsequently, he has been a school principal and currently undertakes consultancy work.

    His is primarily dedicated to the comprehensive management of educational institutions.

    With universities, his work has consisted primarily of identifying centers for expansion. With graduate schools, meanwhile, he has taken part in strategic development committees and in the development of new programs.

    Ramón Resa

    Founding partner of Avantya in Education with a law degree from Universidad de Sevilla and a graduate degree in Marketing, Communication and Marketing Techniques.

    He developed the first part of his professional life in an entity belonging to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, serving in various positions until reaching the position of Territorial Delegate. Later, he turned to the educational sector. He joined Yago Group, acting as Provincial Delegate in Seville, Regional Director for Andalucía, Extremadura and the Canary Islands and later as Headmaster of the school in England and Chief Executive of the company in that country.

    As head of Mergers & Acquisitions in Europe and Latin America, he deals with participating companies as well as corporate identity, marketing and institutional relations.


    Gabriel Garcia de Vinuesa, has more than 20 years experience in the Latin American education industry. Over the past few years he has worked to build a qualified pipeline of K-12 acquisitions in Mexico and Centro America. He is the former General Director and co-owner of Wall Street Institute Mexico. At Wall Street he was responsible for the P/L, HR and Marketing of the company. He was Director of Development for Latin America of Wall Street Institute, where he opened and led growth plans for all of the company’s centers. The company was sold to the Carlyle Group. Prior, he was Director of Yago School Mexico and Latin America. Yago School was a company dedicated to the education with different k-12 schools in Europe and USA.

    Mr. G de Vinuesa is a graduate of Universidad Panamericana, Mexico DF in Law México DF and Postagraduate of business at (IPADE Mexico) 2006 – 2007.


    Mabel Garcia is the Chief Executive Officer of Wall Street English in Colombia.
    Wall Street English is the world´s leading provider of English language instruction.
    In Colombia WSE has 15 language centers in 3 cities. Prior to joining Wall Street English in 1999, Mabel Garcia was Chief Executive Officer at Caracol Televisión S.A., Colombian leading private television network (1989-1999), and CFO and Temporary General Director at Inravisión, Colombia’s Television and Radio Government Agency (1984-1986).

    Mabel Garcia has also served as Director in the Boards of several important Colombian companies, including Alfagres S.A. (2008-present), Sportsat S.A. (2002-present), and SAM S.A. (1994-1997).

    Ms. Garcia holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de los Andes.


    For the past 30 years she has participated in various negotiations for educational and non-educational companies in Brazil.

    As a partner at Avantya, in 1997 she participated in the purchase of Wall Street Institute in Brazil. For Laureate International Universities, Meritas and ISP, she has been in charge of searching for business opportunities in the area of private higher education, participating in almost all of the negotiations undertaken by Laureate in Brazil.

    Almudena Arrechea

    Engineer Industrial of the Iberoamericana University.

    She worked at GE Commercial Finance as financial analyst and then served a leadership program.

    She was working at Walmart Mexico in Sams club specializing in commercial alliances and later Manager of planning health and new business.

    Working several years as an instructor of children at summer camp in the United States and Spain.

    He was living in Monterrey where she work in Vector as head of marketing projects.

    Currently incorporated in the Avantya Latin America team.



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